In Detail

The goal of the project is a dynamic system of landmarks, which comes into being as a side effect of persistent mobile play activities.

To this end we develop Mobile Games, which enable the players to create landmarks either implicitly or explicitly. We initiate these and other Mobile Games developed by our part- ners. And we anchor them in a Mobile Game Lab.

We will build the Mobile Game Lab as a permanent institution (Private Public Partnership). The lab will combine humans and technologies, player communities of different ages, companies, which develop, sell and use Mobile Games, and researchers, who test Mobile Games and study mobile gaming experiences.

Aesthetically seen we aim for mobile gaming experiences, which ignite the pleasure to play and to measure the world once more.

Technically seen dynamic maps lie at the center of our project. Geographic information, landmarks, and dynamic systems of landmarks, are the result of practices, by means of which players accumulate metadata either explicitly by tagging and annotation or implicitly by physical movement through the game-world [GeoGames Bamberg].

If we succeed, then we build a functioning core of dynamic map technology, which encompasses the complete value chain of creating and using maps for Mobile Games and other Mobile Services.