A cinematic prototype

Gangs of ZIMT is a cinematic prototype. It demonstrates elementary mechanisms of mobile gaming. The concept of the game, the design of a game engine and the filmic simulation have been developed within a study project from March 2003 to March 2004 supervised by Barbara Grüter.


The game Gangs of ZIMT is building upon tensions between gangs, i.e. in this game different study courses at the Zentrum für Informatik und Medientechnologien (Center of Computer Science and Media Technologies), called ZIMT. The goal of the game is to destroy an evil power, which is making mischief between the players and threatening them. The evil power, an intelligent computer, is protected by security mechanisms, quests to be solved by the players.

The game is situated in the future and - concurrently - in the presence of the ZIMT. The players living in the future have to undertake a travel through time to destroy the Super Computer, which has been build in the ZIMT of today.

Both time spheres are related to the space spheres of the mobile game:

  • The ZIMT of today is the real world dimension of the playground.
  • The ZIMT in future is the 3D modified replication of the ZIMT, the virtual world dimension of the playground.


The students participated in the student competition of the international conference "Mobile Entertainment: User Centred Perspectives" at the University of Manchester from 2004, March 24th-27th with a paper and the prototype and won the first prize sponsored by Microsoft.


A bachelor's project developed an intro for the game from october 2003 to october 2004 supervised by Barbara Grüter.