Urban Conflict

Urban Conflict is a mobile game that connects the virtual world with the real one through augmented reality. Three factions, the military, the rebels and the humanoid robots, fighting about the dominance of their city.

The game was developed under the supervision of Barbara Grüter and Martin Hering-Bertram as part of a bachelor project during October 2012 and July 2013.


The game itself takes place in Bremen but can be extended to other cities in order to create a bigger community. Logging in causes the game to recognize your current position through GPS and create a field of hexagons around you that can be conquered. If some of these hexagons are already owned by a faction, it is displayed on the main map with distinctive colors. Red marks military territory, green the rebels and blue for the humanoid robots.
The current number of fields each faction holds can also be seen at the top of the main map. Players can only attack neutral or hexagons owned by opposing factions.

One of the main aspects of this project is the fighting system which focusses on augmented reality. We are using the live camera input from the phone and display the enemy, a robot controlled by the AI, as part of the environment. The players objective is to destroy said robot by shooting him down and using a force field to protect yourself from incoming bullets. Tactic and good reactions are required to win because the enemy robot is also able to use the protective field. In later stages of the game it will be possible to equip yourself and the robots defending your hexagons.
Successfully defeating the robot allows you to conquer the hexagon you started the fight in and adds it to the territory of your faction. It is also protected from enemy attacks for a specific time frame to prevent constant swapping between factions.

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