Inspector Tripton

A detective game

"Inspector Tripton is a location-based game and guide in one. With the smartphone, the user slips into the guise of Inspector Tripton. He leads the on-site investigations in his town and questions virtual witnesses and suspects who are superimposed over the actually existing scenery. The investigations will lead past sights and points of interest directly through the city center."

Sprylab - Inspector Tripton with tripventure


The bachelor project "Mobile Game Play & Sound" designs a new version of the game "Inspector Tripton" by Sprylab Technologies. In this connection the game has been localized to Bremen. To get a better game play the dialog of the game was adapted and abridged. Moreover the group of the bachelor project build a sand-box-concept to get away from the linear gameplay and the long ways you have to go in the game.

One of the main aspects of this project is to improve the quality of the game with Sonic Interaction Design (SID). The new Sound concept is developed to get a better game experience with a new way music composition. Little sound snippets are adjusted dynamically and specified to each scene to create a deeper connection between the player and the game.

First of all each scene of the game is divided into three sound circles, the first circle plays introductory music, the second plays themed music and the last inner circle plays sound to support the theme of the whole scene. These sound circles are located via GPS. Furthermore a detective mode is rendered as a heartbeat. Depending on the voltage curve of the heartbeat the detective mode gets louder and faster if it fits to the story.

To be able to fully immerse into the game, the user will get headphones and a pulse meter. In the near future, the pulse meter will also be used to adjust the sonification of the gait to the pulse. The real world is uncontrollable and physical routes require a different effort than virtual paths in a computer game, the game is no longer separated from the everyday world but mixed with the everyday life of the player. Sound is the medium that shall create the atmosphere of this game world.

Together with the BMBF project "Flow-Machine" new mechanics are developed and included to play the game more intense. The data of the player's movement and heartbeat is recorded, so that you can adjust the volume and intensity of the sounds to the walking rhythm of the player.

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