Easter egg hunt on iPhone and Android

The search for eggs belongs to Easter. A trip to the most beautiful spots in the area is even more fun if there are Easter eggs to be found. This year, collectors can search for virtual eggs on Easter Sunday and Monday at the Osterspaziergang. To do this, you will need an iPhone or Android Smartphone, and the access to the Ostereiersuche from the app store or Android market.

Ostereiersuche was developed for the mobile game lab as part of the research project landmarks of mobile entertainment and is based on cubodo gaming technology for the iPhone. The game was played in Bremen 2011 Ostersonnntag and Easter Monday. In cooperation with the partner tarent, an Android version on the basis of questor technology was added. Easter Sunday and Easter Monday 2012 the game was played in several cities in Germany.

Ostereiersuche at Mobile Game Lab