Orientierungsritt Ziemendorf

Mobile scavenger hunt for riders

The Orientierungsritt Ziemendorf is a mobile location-based game based on the principles of the orientation ride. An orientation ride is a special form of riding, where riding and knowledge skills of a group of riders are proved at different stations on a predefined route. In difference to the traditional orientation ride, the app makes this form of riding possible without any helpers, provides special tasks for riders and can be performed at any time.

The first version of the Orientierungsritt Ziemendorf was developed by the research project “ landmarks of mobile entertainment” in cooperation with the VFD (Association of Leisure Horse Riders and Horse Carriage Drivers in Germany, non profit organization) and playtested during a rider camp of the VFD in Ziemendorf in August, 2011. Content, such as images, texts and tasks are provided by David Wewetzer, Jürgen Starck, the Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) / Grünes Band and the Forestry Department of Arendsee. The maps are provided by the State Office for Surveying and Geographic Information Saxony-Anhalt for non-commercial use. The orientation ride in Ziemendorf is 16km long and is including six stations. Beside the tasks at the stations, there is many additional information from the BUND / Grünes Band and the Forst, integrated as points of interests. We are working on bringing the Orientierungsritt Ziemendorf to the AppStore in summer 2012. It will be playable in Ziemendorf.

The game can be downloaded here.