Freimarkt App

Be never again lost in large crowds

Freimarkt App is a multi-platform smartphone application, developed specifically for the annual event in Bremen called Freimarkt. It offers two special services. First, the app has an interactive map of the event area that includes locations of all major entertaining tents. Second, it helps the visitors to stay in touch with each other by building groups. In order to build a group, users hold their phones, and gently bump hands together. Peers of the same group are able to track each other as long as they want it and as they are at the Freimarkt outside or inside the tents.

Freimarkt App was designed and developed by Christina Hülsemann within the context of her Bachelor's thesis and the support of the research project landmarks of mobile entertainment.

As it relies on persistent Internet connection, Freimarkt App suffers from connectivity issues during mass events. Unfortunately, it is a common problem of current network standards. This will change once the new network standard, LTE, has prevailed. Until then, we will provide the app for everyday use outside such events.

Freimarkt App at MobileGameLab